Air Force Museum


So when ever your in Christchurch the Air Force Museum is a must stop and visit!! firstly because its FREE!!! but also because its awesome !!!

So yes its free but donations are welcome, they also have some cool kids museum hunts that you can purchase for the kids to do while their.
These are only $6 and the kids get a wee prize at the end once they have completed it.
The kids get a sheet of clues and they have to find or answer the questions on it, they have a bunch of different ones for each age group and they are always changing them up so you can get new ones all the time.
Once your kids are setup then off you go to explore – there is so much to see !!


The whole place is really well set out so you cant get lost.
One of the neat things is throughout the museum is there is a few kids interactive displays to keep them engaged and occupied so they do not get board while mum and dad look around, orrrrrr if dad wants to have a play on them as well.
One really cool part of this museum for us is my father – the kids grandfather used to be in the Air Force, once he left the Force he also worked for Safe Air.

During his time at both places the help restore and work on a few items in the museum. It was pretty neat taking the kids around showing them things their grandfather had helped create.


There is so much to explore and look at, every display has great information with it and there is was also lots of staff around to ask questions if we wanted.
The kids finished their hunts and claimed their prize, before we headed out we also let Marcus have a go on the Mosquito Mission Flight simulator which was awesome!! he loved it.
Air Force Museum

We also checked out the gift shop – best place to get some sweet kids aviators.

We spent a good 2hrs exploring around and enjoying the museum, you could make your visit as short or as long as you like.

Been that it is free its a great spot to stop in every time your visit to help entertain the kids.

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Munchkin Review 

"The planes were so cool, I had so much fun on the simulator, i cant wait to go again!!" Marcus O'Donnell aged 8


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Adventure Notes


What to Bring

Time and Distance

We spent 2hrs exploring but you could spend as much or as little time as you like

Munchkin Info

Kids will love this place their is heaps to explore and see, just make sure they only play on the interactive site and not on the planes.



Other Info

They also run school holiday programmes and behind the scene tours so make sure you check out their website.


- Toilets
- Pram Friendly
- Cafe on site

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