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Kaikoura - Where the mountains meet's the sea.

Maori heritage is beautifully reflected in the name, Kaikōura, coming from the legends of  Tama ki Te Rangi who arrived in Kaikoura tired and hungry, he found an abundance of crayfish to cook and fill his belly. 
Kai – food, Koura – crayfish = Kaikoura.

Kaikoura is defiantly one of the most magical places in NZ to experience marine life at its best. Surrounded by the spectacular Kaikoura ranges and boarded with the breathtaking Pacific ocean the views are endless where every you are in Kaikoura. 

Kaikoura is most commonly known for its whale watch tours and dolphin encounters, but there is so much more to Kaikoura.


With its abundance of incredible eateries, it is a sea food lovers dream to eat out in Kaikoura.

You can explore and learn about Kaikoura's rich history at the Kaikoura Museum or Fyffe house.  

Explore some of the many walks around Kaikoura including the stunning peninsular walk or chill out with the kids and play a game of mini golf.

You can even explore Kaikoura by Lama with the Lama trekking tours, or go and check out the Lavender farm up Postmans road.

Kaikoura also has some fantastic environmental activities including Trees for Travelers, where you can offset your carbon foot print by planting a memento for your travel in Kaikoura.

We hope you enjoy exploring Kaikoura!! 


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