What is a Kiwi Guardian?

Toyota Kiwi Guardians is a partnership program between Toyota New Zealand and the Department of Conservation, they are working together to get kids into nature.

They want kids to explore their natural surroundings and take action in their communities towards creating a better environment all while earning rewards along the way.

Together they have created fun activities and adventure walks that families can enjoy together.  Every time you complete one of these activities or adventures you can claim your reward medal and certificate.

My kids absolutely love receiving their medals in the mail, they both have them displayed proudly in their rooms and we have created a scrapbook with their certificates and photos of their adventures.

There are two ways you can earn Kiwi Guardian medals,

1) By completing a Kiwi Guardian Adventure; 

2) By completing a Kiwi Guardian Activity; 

We absolutely love this programme!! Our kids love heading out on an adventure to explore and hope they find a guardian post and the have developed a real love for conservation through doing this programme. 

We now often plan our family holidays around visiting new regions and completing as many Kiwi Guardian adventures there as we can.  We eventually hope to complete them all while visiting parts of NZ along the way.

Another real added bonus is that most of the adventures are free!! So this definitely help’s the purse strings a bit when visiting a new area if you can fill in a day or two doing free adventures.   Our kids have so far received over 30 medals !!!

You can read about all of our adventure's under this Kiwi Guardian menu, and you can also have a look at the different Kiwi Guardian  Activities we have had a go at as well 

Happy exploring everyone and i hope you love the Kiwi Guardians as much as we do.!!!