Wharewaka Hikoi – The Lucky Lake


This is an amazing walk along the lake side and well worth checking out.

This is a fantastic way to explore some of the beauty of Lake Taupo with kids.
We walked the track in then morning before getting on the road to drive further up north. It was a great way to stretch the legs before a long car ride. But as soon as we started the walk I immediately wished we had done it the evening before and had brought our togs along for a swim!! Their were so many amazing spots along the water we could have had a swim in the heat of the day before – I would highly recommend packing a picnic and some togs for this one.
We started the walk down but the two mile bay boat ramp so we could walk a bit further with our kids, this is great if you have older kids and want to but off some extra steam. With younger kids i would suggest starting at the three mile bay boat ramp or even the Wharawaka road turn off boat ramp.


The kids found Pumice rocks washed up on the lake front as we strolled along, they had fun throwing them in to the lake and watching them float, it was a neat opportunity to explain how the rocks are formed to them.

We found the guardian post and we also found a really cool rope swing!! adding to our wishing we had our togs feeling. We also came across a cool tree growing out in the lake !! The kids took their shoes off and went to explore it !
One of the really cool parts of the walk was all the bird life !! their were so many black swans around and heaps of Scapu ducks and their babies.
The kids loved it !! I think if we were to visit again we would go explore some more taking lunch and togs with us and spend a day just walking along the water front.


The whole tack is paved, you could ride your bike or scooter along it as well. We spent about an hour exploring but you could easily do the the walk in 30min if you were in a hurry.
A really cool thing to see was so many people using the path !! their were family’s out walking and riding bikes and heaps of people running or walking for exercises. I was really impressed to it been used so much and every one was polite and circuitous along the way. And yes there is a spot to grab a coffee as well lol.

The path is nice and wide and pathed so perfect for prams or wee ones on balance bikes, either side of the path is heaps of room for older kids riding a bike. It is a perfect wee walk for the whole family, you can even take the dog.


Munchkin Review 

"I loved watching all the boats go past !! i thought the swans might bite my bum haha" Marcus O'Donnell aged 8


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Adventure Notes


What to Bring

- Togs
- Picnic
- Sunblock
- Walking shoes

Time and Distance

30min walk for the part we did

Munchkin Info

Perfect for Prams


- Free

Other Info

Lots of picnic areas along the way and even a few coin operated BBQ'S


- Toilets

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