Bruce Park


Right off the main highway its not hard to find which is great, and there is a public toilet !! extra bonus to find a toilet on your stops when you are traveling.

This walk started off a wee bit different than some of the other walks as this one starts on the old main highway which has broken down and grown over with nature over the years.
You follow the old highway along (you can even see the old yellow lines) till you turn off and head up some steps. You then weave on through some pretty cool overgrown bush covered in vines!! Tarzan vines our kids called them.


You are also surrounded by huge totara, rimu and kahikate trees!!! apparently the NZ long tail bat lives up in them. If you do this walk on dusk you might even be able to see some of them.

It did not take us long to find the Kiwi Guardian post, the track loops around so it is hard to get lost you could go either way in the track and be ok.
After finding the post we carried on to find the old memorial site and the old entrance arch way.


We stopped at bridges and creeks along the way to try and see if we could find any freshwater crayfish but sadly the creeks were a bit to dry.
Before heading out we had to try have a swing on the vines hahaha the kids had a great time finding one that you could sit or stand on for a swing.
The full loop took us right on 30min to complete, that included time for crayfish hunting and vine swinging. The track is not as well maintained as the previous two we had just completed, it was overgrown in some parts but still easy to navigate.

It was still a pretty cool walk and i would love to do it again at night time to try and spot some bats!


Munchkin Review 

"the vines were so much fun, you could stand on them and swing like Tarzan" Marcus O'Donnell aged 8


Kiwi Guardian Link

Adventure Notes


What to Bring

Walking shoes and water bottle

Time and Distance

1.5km, 30min loop track

Munchkin Info

Great one for little kids, not pram friendly as it has stairs.


- Free

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- Toilet

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