Anakiwa Bay to Davies Bay/Umugata


This short walk is great for young kids, only 35min from Anakiwa to Davies bay it also makes for a great short tramp for little ones.

This short track is at one end of the Queen Charlotte track starting at Anakiwa Bay, just a short 5km approx 35min to Davies bay. It is a perfect wee track to take young kids on for a stroll or even to do their first over night tramp just to test the tent life out.
With some fantastic views of the bay around you and a swimming spot at Davies bay, I am sure you will enjoy this walk.


Starting just past the jetty, you head on up the hill past some houses to the track. There are a few areas where the track gets narrow and close to the cliff edge so do keep young ones close by.
You don't have to stroll to far before you start to get some incredible views of the bay.
20min in to the walk you will start to drop back down into the bay, with a few areas you can access the beach along the way.
Once you reach Davies bay you come out to a fork in the track, to the left is the camp ground and to the right is the beach front.
The beach front has large beautiful grass areas to have a picnic or to set up picnic for a day of swimming and exploring.
The campground is a fantastic large grass area with a cooking shelter, some picnic tables and toilets.
This makes for a great short overnight trip for young kids to test out their tramping skills.


Taking young kids to Davies bay for a small overnight tramp helps to boost kids confidence by keeping its small and fun adventure they can achieve. It is also a great way to test out your gear and a=mum and dads fitness levels hahaha.
There is plenty of room for kids to run around or play games, spotlight is always a favourite in our family.
No matter if you go for a short day walk or an overnight trip this area is stunning to visit and we highly recommend it.
Once you get back to Anakiwa after your walk make sure you go for a swim and jump off the jetty.


Munchkin Review 

" We have done this walk lots now and I love it, its not to far and I get to go swimming" Meika O'Donnell aged 8yrs


Adventure Notes


What to Bring

- Walking shoes
- Togs and Towel
- Sunblock and Insect repellent

Time and Distance

5km - 35min each way

Munchkin Info

There are some steep drop offs on the walk so make sure you keep young kids close to you.
Not pram friendly.



Other Info

Dog's allow on leads to Davies by but no further on the track.


- Toilets at both Anakiwa and Davies bay.
- Campground at Davies bay.
- Cooking shelter at Davies bay.

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