Circle Track - Swing Bridge Walk


The circle track is the best walk to do at the Pelorus Reserve if you only have time to do one walk. It is an easy 30-45 min loop track that gives you stunning views of the river and bush.

To access this track you walk across the main Pelorus bridge and it is just to the right off the end of the bridge. The swing bridge is only 10 min in to the track making it a perfect wee mini walk to do with small kids, this part of the track is both pram and wheel chair friendly.


Once you cross the swing bridge you can either take the track to the left up the stairs or around to the right along the river bank. Either way it loops back around to the swing bridge, this part of the track is not wheel chair or pram friendly.
We normally head to the right and loop around past the river bank taking in the views of the river along the way.
Their are parts of the track that you can get pretty close to the edge, dropping off to the river so just be mindful when walking with young kids.


There are some really beautiful parts of the bush along this walk, around the top of the loop the bush opens up and their are huge Totra trees along the track towering above you. This is also where part of the track deviates off to do the Dalton Bridge walk. My kids love scrambling over all the tree roots and walking along the fallen trees that line the track. In Autumn and Winter its fun to go mushroom hunting along the track as well, and their is always heaps of bird life to keep you company along the way.
If you only have time to do one walk while at the Pelorus reserve this is definitely the one to do.


Munchkin Review 

"I love doing the swing bridge walk, I always jump on the middle of the bridge and make it wobble" Meika O'Donnell aged 7


Adventure Notes


What to Bring

Togs in the summer and insect repellent all year round.

Time and Distance


Munchkin Info

Great walk for getting kids started with walking, not to big. pram friendly for the first 10min of the track till the swing bridge.



Other Info

No Dogs


- Toilets
- Cafe
- Campground
- Picnic area
- Swimming spots

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