Doom Creek Loop


Doom Creek Loop is part of the Wakamarina tracks, it is at the Canvastown end of the Wakamarina track just up the 4WD track from Butchers Flat.

The Doom Creek Loop is a great short track if you want to experience some of the Wakamarina but don't have a lot of time. Starting on the lower 4WD track from the entrance to Butchers flat, you walk up a clay bank till you reach the start of the track.
Here you head in the Wakamarina and not far in you will see a sign that will deviate you to the right to follow the Doom Creek loop.
This whole section of the track is well looked after by the local Outward Bound Students and DOC.
It sidles the gulley and works it way along to the river then after crossing it, works it way back around the other side of the gulley meeting back up on its self.


As you follow the mostly flat track you will make your way through some beautiful and rich NZ forest.
This area is filled with Rimu, Totara, Beach, and tea trees, along side a huge arrange of ferns and flaxes as well. If you are keen on NZ flora this area will not disappoint.
Along the way there is lots of little streams and crevasse to pass, parts of the track cross the fault line.
There are several areas where you can access the river bed to get a good view, just be careful if you are there with kids, this fast flowing water and you can easily slip and get into trouble.


There are two sections where you will need to cross the river, be prepared to get your feet wet as it will not always be easy to cross.
Because of these to river crossing areas, it is not recommended to do this walk during or just after a heavy rain full, This rive rises very quickly and very high.
Along the track after you pass over the river, is where the track gets a bit steeper but not hugely. It is here you should start keeping an eye out for some old gold mining shafts, they are marked and fenced off to stop anyone steeping in to them.
You will eventually reach a deviation in the track where you can carry on down to the left to Devils creek hut or follow the track to the right back to the start closing off the lope, don't worry it is sign posted.
This area makes for a great day trip or add the loop in to an overnight to the Devils creek hut for a bit more exploring.

Munchkin Review 

"I love throwing a stone down the mine shaft when we walk past it and count to see how long before I hear it splash at the bottom" Marcus O'Donnell, aged 9yrs.


Adventure Notes


What to Bring

- Sturdy walking shoes
- Water

Time and Distance

2-3hrs depending on fitness level, 9.5km loop track.

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Other Info

- You can take a dog with a DOC permit into this area


- Toilets at Butchers Flats

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