Grovetown Lagoon


Grovetown Lagoons is a wetlands area in Spring Creek where you can walk, bike and even kayak around.

We have visited Grovetown lagoons as a family several times over the last few years.
We have walked, biked and even kayaked around the stunning lagoon, every time we visit it is just as beautiful as the last time.
The Grovetown Lagoon has a rich history stretching back to 1300 AD where it provided abundant food supplies for the Maori who visited the area. The water was rich with eels and bird life, and it was surrounded by lush native bush which was home to Moa.
Jumping forwards to 2001 the local district council, local Iwi, DOC and Fish and Game got together to form a group to help restore the wetlands area.
The recovery project was launched in 2002 with a dawn tree planting ceremony, over the last 19 years they have put in a lot of hard work and man hours to bring the lagoon up to the glory it is today.


Grovetown lagoon its a great spot to stretch your legs for a walk and loop the lagoons. You can take a dog with you on a lead and you can also get an off road buggy around the lagoons as well.
It is a great spot to do a bit of bird watching, with plenty of well set up areas to sit and observe along the way.
At the start of the track you head up and over some well made board walks and bridges giving you stunning views of the lagoon. After that you wander around past one of the local vineyards following the water around to the local rowing shed. It is here that you can deviate up to a bird look out area as well. If you are on bikes its best to leave them at the gate and walk up, you can bike up but it is easier to walk.


We highly recommend the visiting the lagoons, wither you walk, bike or kayak around the lagoons we are positive you will enjoy it.
With plenty to see, the lagoons is every changing though out the year with specular scenery not matter the session.


Munchkin Review 

" I love visiting the Grovetown lagoons, especially when we take out kayaks its fun" Meika O'Donnell, aged 7yrs


Adventure Notes


What to Bring

- Walking shoes
- Water bottle
- Sunscreen

Time and Distance

3.2kms 30-40min bike or walk

Munchkin Info

- Pram friendly (off road prams)



Other Info

- Dogs on leads allowed
- Toilets at the start of the track


- Toilets at the start of the track
- Boat ramp to launch kayaks

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