Snout Track


Amazing walk with incredible views of the Marlborough Sounds, this is a great walk to do if you want to see some good panoramic views of the Queen Charlotte Sounds and do a bit of boat spotting.

We went to check out the Snout Track in Picton for the first time just before Christmas (Dec 2019).
The start of the track is up the top of the Victoria domain which you can drive up to, or if you like you can walk all the way from Picton or even via one of the other walking tracks with in the Victoria domain, like the Lower Bob's Bay Track or the Upper Bob's Bay Track. Because we had the kids with us we decided to drive to the top of the carpark and walk from there.
The walk is broken down into two parts – first you head to the Queen Charlotte View look out, then you carry on to the headlands, Along the way are some pretty amazing views of the Queen Charlotte Sounds !!

The start of the track is a big wide open fire break area, even from their the view looking out the bay was incredible !!

It took us bang on the recommended 40 min to get to the look out, the track was pretty muddy due to a weeks worth of rain leading up to that day. But even so it was still a great track, no to hard, wee steep bits but nothing major.
Some pretty wicked views from the look out, and a nice wee grass area and picnic table to chill at for a bit. Also the added bonus of a Toilet !!! when your walking with kids a toilet is always a nice wee bonus lol.


We chilled at the lookout for a bit taking in the sights then decided to walk down to the headlands.
Boy was it slippery lol after all the rain we had a good muddy walk down hill, slipping and sliding along the way.
It was a great laugh, we ended up finding some branches to use as walking pole along the way to try stop us all for landing in a big mud bath.

After some giggles and a very muddy walk down we made it to the head……… WOW !!! worth the muddy slide !!!

THAT VIEW !!!!! she was a beauty !!! well worth the slippery slide down hill!!

We chilled for a bit (wishing we had brought our picnic with us) once we had taken it all in we made the trek back UP the muddy bit we had just come down lol that was fun…..
On our way back to the top we got a pretty wicked view of the Interslander Ferry heading out the sounds on its way to Wellington. It was a pretty spectacular view !!

All up including breaks with kids and sliding in the mud it took us about 2.5hrs return, if you took a picnic lunch with your to snack at the head I would allow about 3hrs.
If definitely would have been quicker if we had not had the mud to contend with.


If you head out there after the rain like us, it is completely achievable just be prepared for a lot of mud lol and you will get it all over you !!
There is also an impressive mountain bike track their as well, parts of the bike track crossover the walking track so keep an eye and a ear out. Their are a lot of sign posts to warn you that it is coming up and to keep an eye out for bikes. I think we will definitely go check it out with bikes one day one the kids are a bit more confident on them.

All in all it was a fantastic walk, not too hard nor too easy !! definitely pop it on your list to do one day.


Munchkin Review 

"Watching the ferry was neat, but the mud sliding after the rain was wicked!!!" Marcus O'Donnell aged 8


Adventure Notes


What to Bring

- Good walking shoes
- Water
-Definitely a camera

Time and Distance

From the end carpark in Victoria Domain, allow approximately 3 hours return, 40min to the look out then another 40min to the headlands. If you're walking from Picton, allow at least 4 hours return.

Munchkin Info

Not pram friendly



Other Info

You can take dogs on lead.
Also a mountain bike part to the track


- Toilets at the first lookout

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