Taylor River Reserve


The Taylor River runs through the heart of Blenheim, a large section of the river has been paved for people to walk, bike and explore.

We have explored the Taylor River Reserve many times as a family, walked it, biked it and even scooted it. It is such a great wee spot to explore as a family and you can even take the family dog and stop to enjoy a picnic on the riverside aswell. The local council has put a great deal of effort in to the paths and garden areas and it really shows, everything is very well kept and family friendly. It is also fantastic to see so many people using it all times of the day and year getting out and walking or exercising on the track.


One of the great things about the Taylor River track is you can do just small part of it if you have young kids or the whole thing if you want to. The track stretches from Blenheim township right up to the Taylor river dame, thought not all of the track is paved.
The lower ends of the track around the township is all paved on one side and very pram friendly, you can also access the track from dozens of points around the town making it very assessable.
Along the river you can explore the old flax mill stone ruins, there are small bike tracks just off the main path that you can have a go on and lots of places you can get your feet wet in the river as well.
The Blenheim Riverside Railway runs small trains along a 5.5km line beside the Taylor River track as well, these trains are all run by local volunteers and is great fun for the kids.


We recently went to bike the track with the kids from the Beaver town railway off Nelson street all the way up the large bridge before Brayshaw park. It took about just over an hour return with the kids and was approx 12km. We found the kiwi guardian post along the way, we biked up past the saw mill and around the horse tracks as well which the kids loved seeing. At one stage of the track you pass along a large olive grove and drop back down towards the river, the whole path is ever changing and very beautiful.
I personally think to walk or bike from the Beaver rail track up to the guardian post is a big ask for small kids 6yrs and under so I would consider dropping in to the track off Eltham road instead to make it a bit shorter for the little ones. Otherwise grab a bike, pack a picnic and go exploring it is a great spot for a family adventure.


Munchkin Review 

"I had so much fun biking on the track, I really liked the pump track so I could go fast!" Marcus O'Donnell, aged 8yrs old.


Kiwi Guardian Link

Adventure Notes


What to Bring

Water, walking shoes, great place to bring your bike, togs in the summer and a picnic for a great day out.

Time and Distance

Full track approx 12km, appox 1hr via bike but time will vary depending on what parts of the track you do.

Munchkin Info

- Pram friendly on lower parts of the track.
- Open river so keep an eye on little ones.
- Great for little kids on balance bikes.



Other Info

- Dog friendly track (onleads)


- Toilets at the start of the track not far past Beaver station.
- Rubbish bins along parts of the track

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