Totra Walk


The Totra walk is a great small walk to do especially with young kids, it is nice a flat and their are some amazing hollow Totra trees for the kids to check out. You can also get down to Totra flat via this walk.

If you park in the car park across the road from the larger cafe car park you can access the Totra walk from next to the toilet block. You can get a pram around the top loop of this track just not down to Totra flat.
Heading up the track from next to the toilet block, keep your eye open as only 5 min you will see a a big hollow Totra tree, big enough for the kids to stand in and have a look up inside it.


The track gently weaves through the large and incredibly impressive Totra trees. Further along the tack you get to a fork in the path, to the right leads down to Totra flats. On your way down to Totra flat you will come across a wee beach area perfect for swimming off. Totra flats is a fantastic swimming hole, beautiful and deep!! huge grass area for kids to play and to have a picnic.


When you are at the fork in the track instead of heading down to Totra flats if you carry on along the track it will take you back out to the other end of the carpark. There is a wide gravel path that deviates down to the river just before the end of the track. Down there is another fanatic wee swimming hole, a great spot to jump off the rock and even a spot where you can swim over to the other side.


Munchkin Review 

"The big trees are so cool you can see all the way inside them !!" Marcus O'Donnell aged 8


Adventure Notes


What to Bring

Togs in the summer to have a swim, insect repellent

Time and Distance

15min - 800m loop track

Munchkin Info

The top loop track is pram friendly - great short walk for little kids



Other Info

No Dogs


- Toilets
- Cafe

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