Trig K - Pelorus


Trig K is an epic walk with some amazing views !! if you have the time to do this its well worth the climb.

Tig K is a 417m elevation climb to the summit at Pelorus Bridge Scenic Reserve. This stunning walk can be done as a loop track or you can go straight to the up to the summit and back down again for a shorter version of the walk.
Though it is a steep climb in parts and is considered a tramping track, it is very achievable. My children have walked this multiple times over the years, the first time been at only 5 years old.


You start the trig k on the Elvy Waterfall / Tawa track, which is at the entrance to the carpark on the left as you drive in. If you follow the Elvy track along a few km's in you will come across a sign on the left hand side saying trig k. You have a few options here ;
Option 1 - You can head up here which is the short but steep track to the summit. From there you can summit and turn around to head back the way you came - this option will only take you about 1hr 30min return depending on your fitness and is a great shorter option if you are pressed for time.
Option 2 - Still head up here and do the steep shorter climb to the summit, then keep following the track along. Heading back down via the waterfalls on return. This way you get the steep climb done first and then slowly work your way back past the waterfalls to the start again.
Option 3 - Carry on walking past this Trig K sign and walk past both the first and second waterfalls then follow the track up to the summit. This way takes longer to get to the summit but then a quick descent down afterwards - this is my favorite way to go with the kids.


What ever option you choice to do I am sure you will love it.
The track follows some amazing native forest all the way to the summit, including kahikatea trees up to 40m in height. Once you reach a clearing you walk though an area of felled pine trees till you see the Trig K summit point. It is here you will get to take in all the views up and down the valleys.
When you walk the full loop you walk alongside open sections of the track following the Pelorus River, getting some great views of the river itself.
The second waterfall makes for a good stop on a hot summer's day for a quick swim in the cold water.
No matter if you get a clear day with great views of the valley or an over cast day where you climb above the clouds the views are just stunning either way.
Please be aware that the sign says the track is 4hrs return, even on my slowest of days with kids following I have never taken longer than 3hrs to complete this track.


Munchkin Review 

"I walked the track with my mum, it was hard but really neat, I liked to spot all the different mushrooms along the way" Meika O'Donnell, aged 6 yrs


Adventure Notes


What to Bring

- Good walking shoes
- Water
- Sunblock
- Insect Repellent
- Snacks

Time and Distance

Short track to summit and back - approx 1hr 30min return with kids and depending on fitness, Faster with our kids.
Full loop approx 2.5hr - 3hrs with kids depending on fitness levels.

Munchkin Info

Not pram friendly



Other Info

- No Dogs allow.
- Trap line along the track so do not let young kids touch them.
- A few exposed areas to the river along one part of the walk so be mindful with young kids.


- Toilets in the car park at start of track
- Cafe in the car park

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