Upper and Lower Bobs Track


Upper and Lower Bobs track is an approx. 3.5km loop track through to Bobs bay in Picton. It is perfect short walk if you have a few hours to fill in while waiting for a ferry or just want a small day out.

If you have some time to spare while waiting for a ferry in Picton or just want to go for a bit of an explore, the Bobs bay track is fantastic. You can either start at the Picton foreshore and walk over to Shelly beach via the coat hanger bridge or start at Shelly beach by the boat house.
Bob's track is made up of two track the upper and the lower track. We walked via the upper track to Bob's bay then back via the lower track to complete the loop.


Upper Bob's Bay track.
Though steep in a few places it is a relatively easy track. appox 2kms took us less than 30min, it starts with a steep climb up then follows the track along till it drops steeply down in to Bob's bay.
You will get some amazing views out towards the harbour along the way, great for a bit of ferry spotting.
Make sure you take your togs because once you reach bobs bay you will be able to enjoy this amazing swimming spot while watching all the boats and ferry's go by.
Our kids loved all the boats going by as they created a wake to jump and play in, event better when the ferry pasted by it felt so close you could almost touch it.


Lower Bob's Track.
After a swim and a bit of boat spotting you can head back to Shelly's beach via Lower bob's track.
With a steep climb out of the bay it follow's the coast line back to Shelly's beach for about 1.5km taking approx 20min. Be aware that the track is narrow at times and follows exposed cliff drop offs, please keep children with in arms reach at all times.
You will get some great views of the harbor and Picton on the way back, there is also a few seats along the way that you can sit and watch the ferry's come in if you like.
This is a great short track that I feel most kids could accomplish, It makes for a nice spot for a picnic and swim on a hot day if you want to head out for a bit of an explore.


Munchkin Review 

"Bob's Bay was such a fun place to swim, I cant wait to go back and it didn't take long to walk there" Meika O'Donnell aged 8


Adventure Notes


What to Bring

- Walking shoes
- Togs and Towel
- Water Bottle
- Picnic lunch if you wish

Time and Distance

3.5km appox 1hr return

Munchkin Info

Steep track in places but I feel most kids could walk it with a bit of assistance. Steep cliff drop offs so keep kids with in arms reach at all times



Other Info

Dog friendly


- Toilets at both Shelly Beach and Bob's Bay

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