Waterfall's Track - Tawa walk


This track takes you to two different waterfalls, the first waterfall is only an easy 15-20min return walk a great one to do with the kids. The second waterfall is a 2hr return walk, great to do in the summer and have a wee swim under the waterfall.

The first waterfall is a great one to do with young kids, it is not to far and a fantastic wee spot for them to explore the bush and stream a bit. The track is just off to car park at the entrance to the reserve it is clearly marked with a sign. The start of this track is wheel chair and pram friendly but not the whole way up to the waterfall - the wheelchair and pram friendly apart of the track is called the Tawa walk and detours off to the left part way in, have a look at our Tawa walk write up for more info.
Along the track to the first waterfall there are some neat information panels along the way for the kids to read, there is also a cool wee bridge for the kids to cross.
There is a bit of tree roots at the last part of the track to climb over and in the winter it can get a bit muddy.


It only takes about 10-15 min to get to the first waterfall. During the winter months especially after a rain is the best time to go see it, during the summer months it dose dry up to a small trickle when it is hot but still beautiful none the less. This waterfall is also amazing at night time to visit if you are staying at the campground as it lights up with glow worms!!! It is a great night time adventure for kids to gear up and take their torched to see the glow worms, they will love it!.

After the first waterfall you can carry on another 30min to the second and larger waterfall. This track is a little more advanced than the first but still more than achievable with kids.


The track along to the second waterfall winds through some beautiful over grown bush then follows the river along the bank for a section. This section gives you some beautiful views of the river, you can even drop down to the river in some parts if you are careful.
This part of the track is a bit more advanced than the track to the first waterfall, but is still very achievable with kids just keep in minds some parts are narrow so be careful when passing other people and keep young kids close.
Once you reached the second waterfall you cross a wee section on stream to walk up to see the falls. This waterfall is even deep enough for a wee swim! There is enough rocky area to set up a wee picnic as well as long as you are mindful of other people.
You can then follow the track further up to the trig-k but this is an advanced part of track and is very steep, you can read more about that part of the track on the Trig-K write up.
We highly recommend the waterfall walks in both summer or winter, they do change in looks all year round so worth doing a few times. You can also access the waterfull track via the Weta walk if you are staying in the back campground.


Munchkin Review 

"I love exploring the waterfalls, they look so different both in summer and winter and the glow worms are cool" Marcus O'Donnell aged 8


Adventure Notes


What to Bring

- Walking shoes
- Togs in summer
- Water bottle
- Insect repellent

Time and Distance

15-20 min to the first waterfall
2hr return for the second waterfall

Munchkin Info

Easy walk for young kids to the first water fall.
More advanced but still achievable walk to the second waterfall



Other Info

No Dogs allowed at the reserve


- Toilets in carpark before you go
- Cafe in carpark

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