Te Hoiere / Pelorus Area

Te Hoiere / Pelorus is a large catchment area of Marlborough, it includes places like Havelock, Rai Valley, Canvastown, and the Pelorus Bridge Scenic Reserve. 

This catchment area is the gate way to some amazing places in the Marlborough sounds and has so much to offer and explore.

Te Hoiere is rich with history, from local Iwi legends, to stories from the gold mining days to the current day catchment restoration project. There is so much to see and learn in this area, it is forever growing and expanding over time. 


If you are heading to Nelson at any stage you will pass through Te Hoiere / Pelorus, so make sure you stop and check part of it out on your way through.   

In the links given you can read all about things to see and do at the Pelorus Bridge Scenic Reserve, Havelock and Canvstown/Wakamarina Valley.

Everything else in the area is listed in the grids below.  

Te Hoiere Area Walks