Kerosene Creek - Natural Hot Pools


Relax in the naturally heated waters of Kerosene Creek, Rotorua, where hot spring and freshwater stream meet.

While in the North Island on our trip in Jan 2020 we were told about a natural hot spring called Kerosene Creek that was apparently a must visit.

So we went to check it out, Its about 35km south of Rotorua or if you are coming from Taupo like we did it is about 65km North of Taupo.
You turn off the state highway and head down a wide unmarked gravel road for quite a bit. We started to wounder if we had gone the wrong way until we passed a bunch of campers coming back out. This road is very rough so go slow and watch for pot holes, also don't leave anything of value in the car while you visit. We had no issues but we have heard of many many break ins in the car park.

We finally found the place and off we went to check it out. Man it was cool!!!!! there were quite a few people their but it was still awesome !
It is only a short 2min walk to the water, there are a few little spots you can swim in but the main pool with the water fall is at the end of the track.
The water was about 40-42 degrees on the day we were there!!
It looks a bit murky but it is just from all the sand been mixed up from people walking around.
The water was heaven !! it was pretty hot I am not going to lie it definitely took a few minuets to get used to, I felt like a poached pear.


One thing we did not expect or think about is our son been Autistic he struggles with a few sensory issues.
He really really struggled with the water been so hot, poor dude tried very hard to get in the water but it was just to hot for him to handle.
So their was a few tears from an upset wee boy who really wanted to get in but could not cope, but he still hung out with us dipping his toe in every now and then to test the water again.

It was kind of a weird sensation walking on the sand, I kept thinking what if I step on something.
Even with a few people around their was plenty of room to chill out and enjoy the hot water.
We only lasted about 1hr hanging out in the water before we were all poached so we headed back out and played in a few of the smaller pools and running streams on the way out.
Marcus coped a bit better with a bit of space from other people and he tried out the water a bit more, I think if you went up after the rain or even in the cooler months it would be really nice and a bit more enjoyable for him.
We really enjoyed this wee spot, and I would love to come see what it is like at night time I hear their are glow worms !!!


I think if you have time this needs to be a definite stop to check it out !! but if you have a child like ours who struggles with sensory issue – go easy on them, they might not cope getting in the water and thats ok.


Munchkin Review 

"The water was so nice and hot it was like a giant bath!" Meika O'Donnell aged 7


Adventure Notes


What to Bring

Togs and Towel

Time and Distance

2min walk down to the water

Munchkin Info

Make sure the kids do not put their head under, Track not suitable for prams



Other Info

No Dogs


Toilet block in the car park

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