Taupo Spa Thermal Park


This wee gem of a spot has so much to offer and you could spend a good day exploring the area.

We had some instant regrets that we had not done a bit more research before heading here to know to bring our togs. It would have been a perfect spot to cool off and have a swim, so if you head here in summer TAKE YOUR TOGS!!.

Driving down to the main car park by the toilet block we parked up and went for a stroll, the toilet block is perfect if you need to get changed into your togs. Also kids this is the only toilet block in the area so if you need to go to the toilet, listen to mum and dad and do it now before you go and explore.

We followed the very well marked path (and dozens of people) along through some large hills and down towards the viewing platform by the water.

This only takes about 10min its very short, at the platform you can look out over the water and just below the platform is a really nice swimming hole called The Otumuheke Stream. We did not head down there as we didn’t have our togs but also as it was the middle of the day it was rather busy with people.
You can see it would be an amazing spot to take a swim !! off to the left of the track is the walk to Huka falls.
This track is about 1.5hrs return which we did not have the time for but this is at the very top of our to do list when we come back as i hear great things about this walk.


If you then head to the right of the water hole following along the bike track you will find the Kiwi Guardian post.
We found this a little confusing to work out what way to go, but you follow what is marked as the bike track, the post is only about 2min in to the track.
After the post we carried on to the right until we found a track up along the bank that come out by the play area.
Thankfully the playground was partly in the shade as it was hot!!!!!!
We chilled out here for a bit letting the kids play, there was also a really cool flying fox as well but unfortunately it was closed for maintenance when we were there.


If we had more time this would also be a very cool spot to spend half a day exploring. You could pack a picnic lunch and some togs and enjoy a day out here. Unfortunately when we stopped we did not have a lot of time but it was nice to stretch the legs, go for a short walk and let the kids play for a bit before we carried on driving up to Tauranga.
The path is very well marked and nice a wide for lots of people, it is nice and flat so you could take a pram or bike.


Munchkin Review 

"the playground was really neat, i wish we could have had a play on the flying fox though" Meika O'Donnell aged 7


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What to Bring

Togs - great wee spot for a swim

Time and Distance

15min wee loop track including a play on the playground. You could spend a whole day exploring here but it is also great for a wee stop off it your are short on time.

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- toilets
- swimming spot
- plauground

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