Waiotapu Scenic Reserve – Free Mud Pools


The perfect quick stop to view the hot, bubbling mud pools.

Man mud pools are expensive !!! While in the Rotorua region Jan this year (2020) we really wanted to take the kids to see some bubbling mud, we were short on time so wanted to make a quick trip.


I did a quick goggle and found a mud place that also had a hot geyser, so we went to check it out with out realizing how much it would cost!! Close to $100 for our family of four to go visit. As much as I would have loved to check it out, we were tight on time and would just be a waste of money for us. So as we looped back out the car park heading out the opposite way we came in we stumbled across some free mud pools you could look at!!


It was really neat, their was just a walkway with an barrier around it, with different viewing platforms of the mud. Perfect!! the kids get to check out some hot bubbling mud pools with out the crazy prize tag! It was also the first time I had ever seen the mud pools aswell, it was pretty cool. We spent about 15min checking out the bubbling mud.
It was pretty cool but man they really do stink!! lol – if you wanted to to see come bubbling mud for free this spot was a wee gem. I know the parks with the geysers would be awesome as well but we were tight on time and money this trip so will have to save that for another time.


Munchkin Review 

"poo they stink!! the mud splashes so high in the air and smells like farts!!" Marcus O'Donnell aged 8


Adventure Notes


What to Bring

Time and Distance

2min walk along the board walk

Munchkin Info

Free spot to check out bubbling mud, perfect for young kids who will not get as much out of the paid attractions



Other Info

Not far from kerosene creek which would be two free locations you could tie in together


No Facilities

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