Wellington Region 

Wonderful windy Wellington! The capital city of NZ, sitting at the southern tip of the North Island, where our parliament aka the Beehive lives.

Just a short 20min flight or a 3hr boat ride across the cook straight from the South Island.  

Wellington has a bit of everything from, coastal waterfront destinations, to the busy city teaming with dinning options, through the green hills and native bush.  There is definitely something to appeal to every type of visitor in the region.


One of the other very appealing aspects of Wellington is its fantastic public transport system. So if like us you travel across from the south you can get around reasonably well without having the expense of taking your car over. 

With the added benefit of plenty of accommodation options from Hotels, Motels and Back packers, even Air B'n'B's, batch's and campgrounds with in the region it is easy to find something to suit everyone. 


If you are looking for a bit of a get away Wellington is definitely a spot that can over something to please everyone in the family.  Plus the food options are insane !!! I once read that Wellington has more food placed per head than New York!!! their is literary everything you can think of !!


Don't worry thought their is also plenty of walks you can do to help earn all those extra meals you eat while their.      

Wellington Region Walks 

Wellington Region Attractions