Wellington Zoo


We went to check out the Wellington Zoo and it was fantastic !!
Such a beautifully laid out and well keep facility we were very impressed.

Before we headed inside to check out the animals we thought we would feed our two animals and get the kids some pizza.
Their is a fantastic cafe out the front of the zoo where you can grab a bite to eat and drink before heading in.
We gabbed some Pizza, chips and coffees to fill our bellies before exploring the zoo, it was delicious and very tasty, well worth stopping in for a treat.


After filling our bellies we headed in to explore, we were given a map at the door as we paid. Then the staff gave us a quick run down of the lay out of zoo which was very helpful.
We checked the feed times on the map, noticing the Sun bear was up shortly so we went to check out the otters and the spiders first.
Before we went to the zoo we had been to the Weta Work shop, the guy who took us on tour told us about a cool dragon Weta Work shop had made that is now at the zoo. So we decided to hunt it down and check it out, it was pretty cool, the kids loved been able to link what they had learnt at the Weta Work shop to actually seeing it here at the Zoo.

After looping around checking out the monkeys we found the tigers who were pretty cool, we were impressed how well you could see them.
Then it was time for the sun bear feeding, so we headed over to check it out . It was very informative, they talked about the bears history and how she ended up at the zoo, they told us all about her personality and what she likes and doesn't like they definitely care for the animals a lot.

They talked about the environment these bears normally live in and what food they eat. Then they gave the sun bear a wee treat explaining to the kids why it was all wrapped up in a box for her to open, it was pretty neat.
After learning all about the sun bear we went to checkout the giraffe enclosure.


The giraffe enclosure was very cool!! the kids could get so close to the beautiful animals. The enclosure had several fantastic viewing platforms so you can spread out and view the giraffes. We never felt to closed in by other people, that was one stand out part of the Zoo for me was even though their was a lot of people it was never over crowded, lots of space for everyone to get a good view of the animals.
Next up was the CHEATERS !!! our daughters favorite animals!!! and they did not disappoint.

Once again like all the other enclosures there where several view areas for people to watch them from and since the cheaters where out stalking about their were a lot of people watching, every one got a great view of them.

We watched them for a good 15min running around their enclosure chasing each other and having a wee play. Meika was over the moon she didn't want to leave them hahaha, at one stage one of them even stalked up on her while she had her back turned for a photo it was great!!
As we carried on around the Zoo we checked out the Lions and the Monkeys, all the fantastic animals. We also even found another Kiwi Guardian Post !!! was an awesome added bonus to find !!

All in all it was a great afternoon well spent, i think the price of entry was reasonably well prices for the amount we got to see. The facility was well laid out, plenty to see and very clean and tidy. There were a few step paths but hay your in Wellington what else do you expect.

Definitely well worth a visit and if you wanted to get really adventurous they even do group bookings for sleep overs in the Zoo!!! how cool would that be!!!


Munchkin Review 

"I got to see cheaters up really close it was awesome!" Meika O'Donnell aged 6


Kiwi Guardian Link

Adventure Notes


What to Bring

Decent walking shoes as you do a lot of strolling around.

Time and Distance

Allow at least half a day to explore

Munchkin Info

- Very pram friendly
- Check out their website for information on their over night stays.


Cost at time of trip (July 2019) : Family pass consisting of 2 Adults and up to 3 kids $78

Other Info


- Toilets
- Cafe
- Gift shop

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