Kawatiri Historic Railway Walk


This Beautiful and short walk follows part of the old railway that rain from Nelson towards Murchison in the 1920-1930.

This beautiful wee short walk starts at the old Kawatiri railway station and now DOC campsite. During the construction of this section, the camp ground (back then called the Pikomanu workers camp), was home to over 300 railway workers. It would later become the Kawatiri Station for the shortest lived railway station, lasting only 5 years and 21 days between 1926 and 1931.


You pull off the main road in to the large car park which to every parents delight has a toilet !!
There are some great information boards in the car park as well, filled with information on the old railway line - well worth a read.
The loop track walk its self starts off to one end of the car park, keep in mind the first part of this track runs for about 200m parallel with the main high way. Though there is bushes and a small fence line between the track and the road, I would keep wee ones close by as the cars do pass by at 100km.

This track takes you up across the Pikomanu Bridge and through the Kawatiri tunnell.


The Kawatiri tunnel which was build in 1923 is only about 100m long, it is dark inside and although a torch would be helpful it is not essential.
Once you get though the tunnel you walk up to the top of an platform which over looks the Hope River.
You then follow the track back down around to the start of the tunnel again via some beautiful beach trees and other native forest.

This walk will only take you 20min tops and is a great we stop to stretch the legs if you are heading off down the island.
This is also a good one for young kids as it is not to far.
If you are intrested in staying at the camp ground, it has 10 non-powered camp sites and room for motor homes as well. It is DOC camp ground and work on a first come, first served bases.
Prices are;
Adult (18+ years): $8 per night
Child (5 - 17 years): $4 per night
Infant (0 - 4 years): free


Munchkin Review 

"I love doing this walk and going through the tunnel, I always yell really loud!" Marcus O'Donnell, aged 9


Adventure Notes


What to Bring

- Insect repellent
- Touch if you like but not essential

Time and Distance

20min loop track

Munchkin Info

Easy walk for small kids
Not pram friendly



Other Info

Dogs on lead


- Toilets
- Campground

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