Who are We?

A family exploring life as best we can. 

We are a family of four – Mum, Dad, Daughter and Son, and we are passionate about exploring the world around us as a family.


Both my self, Antonia aka Mum and my husband, Antony aka Dad grew up in family’s who enjoyed the outdoors.

Camping, tramping, beaches, bush walks, exploring etc were a big part of our childhoods.  We want to continue on enjoying these things with our kids Marcus (8) and Meika (7).

Our Son Marcus is also Autistic (ASD), we find that getting active, outdoors and trying new things has helped us hugely with managing some of the struggles that can come with ASD.  

We have found that getting him outside his comfort zone in a safe environment with his family, is helping him to process his anxiety and emotions a lot better, as well as building his confidence along the way. 

We are learning as well go, we want to share our experiences along the way to hopefully help inspire and encourage other family’s to get out and explore the outdoors around them.  NZ has so much beauty to offer and no mater what your experience or fitness level is there is always something there for you.