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This fantastic gem of a place is located at the top of the Cable car run, at the top of the botanical gardens.

It is only open from 4pm a few days a week so just a heads up if you are planning to visit while in Wellington, make sure you check what days it is open so you do not miss out. It is a great place to tie in with a trip up the Cable car and a visit to the Cable car museum.
Before you head inside, checkout the garden out the front and see how many plants you can spot and name.
Inside you will find a mind blowing amount of interactive displays and station on every part of space. Each display is set up well with instructions and loads of information.


The kids could run around mad having a go at everything it was fantastic. There were interactive displays on, stars, the moon, the sun, galaxies and even space travel, There was even a cool space travel tunnel.
Part of your admission fee also includes a show in the full-dome planetarium screen. There are a few different shows that screen so it dose pay to check what time and what days the different shows are on. That way you can line up a show that is suitable to your kids or maybe if you have been before you can see if different show.


We lined it up so we could watch the 'We are Astronomers' show it was really good and perfect for your kids ages.
While you are there you will also get the opportunity to have a look through the Thomas Cooke Telescope, On a clear night you can look through the giant telescope and roam the spectacular southern skies. It’s star-gazing at its finest. Unfortunately for us it was not clear enough the night we visited to get a viewing of the stars, but that it ok it just gives us a reason to go back some time.

I suggest if you have a few night spare, to ring the space place and see if their is a night that might be better to go and have a higher chance of viewing the stars.
We really enjoyed out visit to the Space Place, it was really well set up and and lots for the kids to interactive with and see. It is highly educational and really got the kids engaged well.

It is very good value for money, out family of four cost just $45, this included the exhibitions, the Planetarium show and a viewing of the stars if it was a clear night. We spent over 2hrs exploring and enjoying the show so it was definitely money well spent. It also has the added bonus of been a great way to spend an evening leaving your days free to explore more outdoor attractions.


Munchkin Review 

"Space Place was awesome!! so many cool things to see" Marcus O'Donnell aged 8


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We spent a good 2hrs there and this did not include a viewing of the stars, i would allow 2 if not more hours on a clear night

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Awesome education visit for kids, perfect if they are excited about space or maybe doing a project on space.


Cost at time of trip (July 2019) : Family pass consisting of 2 Adults and 2 Kids $45

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